Slim Loom Kit

Perfect activity to do this summer

Made in the USA

Perfect for kids and adults

we've taught weaving in all forms to ages 3-99 for over 15 years!
From being creative with kiddos outside in the summer time to adults on road trips this is the perfect on the go loom.
3 easy parts to make something great
You can fully customize the Loom to who you are. By painting , ink pen illustrating, or staining this loom.

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not only can you customize the loom you also get to choose the color of yarn in your slim loom Kit.

We have a few different choices of yarn colors for our Slim loom kits
Blue kit 
Ocean Weaving kit
slim loom
links to the loom
Orange kit
Fire weaving kit
Slim loom 
links to the loom 
neutral kit
Earth weaving kit 
slim loom 
links to the loom 

The yarn in this kit is made in the USA and is 100% wool.

The company Brown sheep where we get the wool from has been around for years and years to come. Its a reliable and well made product and people we love to support.

We also provide fun summer classes for the kids.

Come drop off the kids this summer and enjoy your own time to create while they learn something new with us.