612 Midfire Stoneware Clay, Cone 6 by Clay Planet

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Clay Planet's 612 Midfire is a true "stoneware" for the mid range. It throws and hand builds well, has 35 mesh grog and 60 mesh sand for a bit of bones in the clay, but throws smooth. Mondaes students often interchange Georgie's Trail Mix Original with 612 and feel they're comparable. 
612 Midfire has small iron speckling throughout the body, adding character to many glazes. Low priced, and high performance. Already in use in a number of schools and studios in California as a house studio clay.
612 Midfire Clay is: 
  • Sold by the 25 lb bag
  • Shrinkage at cone 5 - 11%
  • Absorbtion at cone 5 - 1%
  • Fired as stoneware to cone 5-10

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