Bravo Buff Stoneware Clay, Cone 5-10 by Clay Planet

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Clay Planet's Bravo Buff is a superb all-around clay body. This long-standing recipe is renown for it throwing characteristics for large or small work.  Bravo Buff is a unique stoneware body with a warm, light-buff to gray color with no heavy iron spots, even in reduction. 

It can be thrown quite thin and is also excellent for tall pieces. One of our most popular clays with professionals for its tall throwing and sculpting properties, as seen by workshop artist Laurie Hennig below.  The favorite local throwing clay of world throwing champion Claudio Reginato!
If you like Georgie's Trail Mix Original or Rogue River Buff, you will appreciate Clay Planet's Bravo for its all-around capability for the novice through advanced, and as a classroom clay.

Bravo Buff:
  • Fires to cone 5-10, a versatile clay at mid-high fire!
  • Sold by the 25 lb bag
  • Shrinkage at cone 10 - 10%
  • Absorption at cone 10 - 1.75%

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