Clemes Standard & Mini Standard Carders

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The Standard
The name says it all. Since Clemes & Clemes 8" hand crank drum carders first went into production nearly 40 years ago, they have been the standard that all other carders are measured against. That sort of excellence does not happen by accident.

Other manufacturers use off-the-shelf card clothing which is merely a larger version of hand carder clothing. Clemes proprietary 72 teeth per inch mill-style card clothing has sharpened and honed teeth as well as a specific knee height, angle and foundation. This allows the user to card nearly all fibers in only one pass - from wool to cotton to Suri alpaca and everything in between - without making any adjustments.

The Standard is the only carder in the industry which sets the licker-in drum in eccentric bearings which are precisely adjusted for drum spacing before leaving the factory and do not need to be adjusted differently for each fiber.

The main drum was the first in the fiber arts industry to be set in oil-impregnated bronze bearings that never need to be oiled. The stainless steel doffing strip keeps the card clothing from being damaged by doffing even after many years of carding.

The Standard comes with a flicker for pre-teasing and cleaning the drums as well as a No Bend stainless steel doffer. The urethane drive belt usually lasts 10 years or more and is easily replaced without making any adjustments to the carder.

For the fiber artist using very coarse fibers or who seek a rough textured batt, 56 tooth per inch coarse cloth is available. The fine-tooth Standard is what you need to process and create all fiber blends.

In 2013 Clemes upgraded The Standard to the serpentine belt which added two ball bearing idler pulleys and eliminates the cross in the belt. The result is a much easier carding experience.

Each Standard is crafted out of carefully selected Oak hardwood and protected with a two coat lacquer finish. Expertly crafted, assembled, and tested in the woodshop in Pinole, California.

The bottom line: no maintenance, no adjustments needed, single pass carding, and the ability to card a wide range of fibers. Why buy anything that does not measure up to the Standard?

The Standard and Mini Standard Carders are not convertible to electric. Please see the Clemes Elite Carder Convertible line if electric carding could be in your future - The Elite Series is the way to go in that case, and will prove to be an important investment.

Harry and Olive Linder were renowned cotton spinners and very close friends of the Clemes Family. They traveled the world teaching cotton processing and spinning, but disliked dragging a full 8" carder with them because it took up so much space. Clemes & Clemes created a smaller version of the Standard for the Linders, utilizing the same great features as the 8" Standard but in a 4" width.

The custom carder Clemes made for them was so popular that they made it a regular production item. The Mini Standard has the versatility and durability of the full size Standard and is perfect for anyone with limited storage space, small projects, or anyone who enjoys carding on the go.


  • Available in 4" Mini Standard, 8" Standard, Fine 72 Tpi Cloth & Course  56 Tpi Carding Cloth
  • Handmade to order of Oak Hardwood in CA, USA