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Product Image Clover Multi Needle Felting Tool

Clover Multi Needle Felting Tool


Appliques are easy with this tool; all it takes is a little punch. Comes with 3 fine needles for a wide range of fabric. The tool will hold up to 5 needles, or remove 4 to use as a single needle tool with a friendly handle.  No thread or glue needed. Ideal for attaching appliques to knits.

This felting tool holds up to 5 barbed needles. The tool has a spring type action which allows the fibers to mesh with the base fabric. This tool cannot be used with Felting Needle Applique Molds, since the guard prevents the needles from felting inside the mold.

  • Comes with 5 Gauge 40 felting needles
  • Holds any gauge Fiber Trends or Clover felting needle refills