Loom Tune-Up

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This basic Loom Tune-Up includes cleaning and oiling of all metal parts, cleaning and hydrating of all wooden parts, and basic operation adjustments to all parts currently present.

Mondaes supplies new parts for many loom models, as well as custom bobbins adjustments and parts for looms that are out of production. If your loom has been transported, packed and unpacked, sat unused for a long period of time even if indoors, or transferred from a different climate, you will be amazed at how much better it works after our basic tune up. Even with very little use, there are some parts on looms that degrade with time and make a big difference in your weaving experience.

After the purchase of your loom tune up and your loom is dropped off at Puffy Mondaes retail location, you can expect a 1-2 week lead time before an assessment is emailed to your given email address. This written assessment is a list of parts or additional work needed for the loom to be returned in working order. These parts can be very inexpensive, such as a new spring for $3.75 or cost a little more such as a retro-fit with new ratchets & pawls.

Parts and additional work will not be ordered or rendered until we receive an email or written notification with permission to proceed.

Additional parts and/or labor costs under $50 may be paid for at pickup, while totals above $50 must be pre-paid before the refurb of your loom will continue.  

In some cases, there are significant loom upgrades available that will make your current loom far more functional if applied, such as updated ratchets & pawls, break systems, the addition of more functional heddles or reeds, or custom wood repair. We will add these upgrade suggestions to our assessment of the loom's refurb cost, should you decide to add an upgrade.

Looms are fairly simple, but HIGHLY responsive to the tiniest adjustment, and we are confident that you will feel like your tune-up has made a positive difference in your weaving capability.