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Product Image Louet Bulky, High Speed, Standard Extra Flyers

Louet Bulky, High Speed, Standard Extra Flyers


Faster, High Speed Flyers and Sets allow you to spin finer yarns with your Louet wheel. In order to spin finer gauge yarns that hold together (have enough twist) you need the added speed of a faster flyer. Make sure to purchase the correct flyer for your wheel.

The Standard Flyer now comes with sliding hooks, so it's a great upgrade for used or previously purchased wheels. It has a 1/2" diameter orifice & fits all wheels except the S45, S90 and Victoria. The flyer comes lacquered, made of Beech hardwood. 

The Wide/Bulky Flyer for S10, S51, and S76 wheels allows the Louet Bulky Bobbin to fit on these wheels.The inside width is 5". This flyer has a 1/2" diameter orifice.

HS Flyer with Slide for All Classic/Standard Wheels: This High Speed flyer is for spinning very fine yarns. It is 4" wide and has a 3/8" orifice. It will fit all standard Louet wheels not including the S45, S90 and Victoria.

HS Spinning Set for Standard Wheels: Louet High Speed spinning set includes 1 drive belt, 3 Fatcore bobbins and 1 high speed flyer. Fits wheel models S10, S10DT, S51, S51DT, S15, S17 and S75DT.

Victoria/Julia High Speed Sets: This high speed set for the Victoria contains a flyer, 3 bobbins, a small whorl (you have to add this to the existing whorl) and a hook for threading the yarn through the orifice and the flyer hole. The image is of the beech set, but in the oak set the flyer disc and the hook handle are oak. The orifice is 5 mm, but you can take out the inserts and have an 8 or 12 mm orifice. Ratio's are 1:20 and 1:30. The Victoria HS Set is offered in Beech or Oak to match your wheel.