Football Helmet Salt & Pepper Shakers

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You can never have too much team spirit! Support your team and enjoy your delicious and perfectly seasoned food with these Football Helmet Salt and Pepper Shakers.
Note: Each shaker has 3 holes in the top and includes a plastic stopper for the bottom. One salt and pepper set equals two pieces.

Use Mayco Wonderglazes before your final Mayco Clear One glaze firing for a microwave, dishwasher, and oven-safe finish.

Shakers are: 

  • Fired once to bisque stage, ready to paint or glaze & re-fire
  • 3" L x 2.25" W x 2.5" H
  • Ready to paint with Mayco Underglaze, clear coat and fire.
  • Available for purchase as a ceramic blank for in-studio use which includes glaze and firing, or as a blank for out-studio painting. All orders ship FREE over $99!