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Product Image German Angora Rabbit Prime Wool

German Angora Rabbit Prime Wool


This top quality Prime German Angora Fiber is grown sustainably in Idaho by the happy rabbits of Browndorff Rabbitry. Established in 2005, Browndorff specializes in high quality German Angoras and highly saturated colored wool. 

German Angoras are not harmed in the shearing of their fiber every 90 days, as is required to keep them healthy and happy. This breed was first developed in Germany over many years time, to be a highly sustainable dual purpose wool animal for the commercial fiber industry. We think they make wonderful fiber friends, too!

  • Feel free to contact us about spinning angora fiber, it's uses, and raising German Angoras for fun and fiber. 
  • Angora prime fiber ships in clear clamshell boxes to prevent felting by static electricity.
  • All Browndorff Prime fiber is packed with sheared fiber tips down in each box, for use as a true worsted fiber prep yarn when combing or spinning angora locks in one direction.
  • Fibers are natural colored, unddyed, and do not require washing before spinning. 
  • Angora prime can be spun solely, blended with other soft fibers such as Merino to add elasticity, or core-spun.
  • Availability is seasonal, and specific box weights are entered individually. Some colors are extremely rare, so feel free to contact us to be placed on a waiting list for a specific color if it is out of stock.