Glacia Porcelain Clay, Cone 10 by Clay Planet

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Clay Planet's Glacia Porcelain is a unique domestic porcelain throwing body with properties comparable to much more expensive bodies that use imported Grolleg. Through the use of various domestic kaolins, this porcelain exhibits great whiteness, but also has plasticity and throwability rarely found in a porcelain body without the undesirably high shrinkage. 

Great results for a high quality porcelain at a lot less cost!
Glacia is very popular clay with many studio professionals and teaching studios alike.
Clay Planet's Cinnamon Clay is: 
  • Sold by the 25 lb bag
  • Shrinkage at cone 11-12%
  • Absorbtion at cone 10  <1%
  • Fired as stoneware to cone 10

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