Knit-A-Dress-A-Day by Joan Rattner

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Knitting Made Easy amply lives up to the simplicity implied in its title. Barbara Aytes has developed a foolproof method, teaching beginners as well as more advanced knitters the mastery of one stitch at  time. Before going on to the next stitch, the beginner makes one or more simple items using only that stitch. When the next simple step has been learned, more items are made combining the two basic stitches. By then, the knitter finds that she can concentrate on learning the more advanced stitches and techniques called for in many patterns and can go on to making and applying surface decorations.

Step-by-step instructions accompany each group of basic stitches, and each chapter is followed by directions for simple items which the beginner may make using only the knowledge acquired from those few pages and requiring no shaping or involved instructions.

  • Published in 1969
  • Paperback
  • Used in Acceptable Condition for its age (stains on cover and water damage to inside cover and first page)