Kookaburra Scour
Kookaburra Scour
Kookaburra Scour
Kookaburra Scour

Kookaburra Scour

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Kookaburra Scour effectively cleans raw wool and other natural fibers. Our concentrated formula lifts “grease” and dirt from fibers reducing your processing time and limiting “re-washing” and eliminating required multiple rinses (Scour is rinse optional), cutting water usage. Saving you time and money.

  •  No peroxide, alkali, phosphates or enzymes
  •  Septic system safe

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There is a lot of info online about fleece washing, but we'll sum up the process we use below. You may develop your own favorite practices, and we're glad to help with project questions and hear about your methods via our contact form. Happy washing!
  • Grab big laundry mesh bags from dollar store, fill 2 loosely with fleece (about 2 lbs each max) that has been hand picked/skirted to remove debris/manure.
  • Fill a top load washer or tub with VERY hot water (not boiling) and 1-2 oz Kookaburra Scour.
  • Once tub is full and water stream/filler is OFF, press fleece filled bags down into tub w/ out agitating. Use a broom stick or pole (or new plunger) to avoid burning your hands!
  • Allow to soak w/ no agitation for 40 min. Spin water off or drain (make sure your washer does not agitate or add cold water in a rinse during spin - do not add cold to your hot bath at any time or you will felt the fleece). 
  • Repeat this process if you still have dirt or lanolin in the fleece, wiping the basin clean of dirt between soaks.
  • Kookaburra products do not have to be rinsed out of the fleece. A 1/4 cup vinegar rinse in more hot water can be added if desired, more important for sheep fleece. (same process as wash, add fleece to already full tub, no agitation or cold water, soak, remove). 
  • In areas where very hard water is used, try adding 1/2 cup of baking soda to the wash bath before adding the fleece when you add the Scour and hand mix or allow your washer to agitate a bit before adding fleece to dissolve the soda.