Kromski Jumbo & Fast Extra Flyers
Kromski Jumbo & Fast Extra Flyers
Kromski Jumbo & Fast Extra Flyers
Kromski Jumbo & Fast Extra Flyers

Kromski Jumbo & Fast Extra Flyers

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Kromski Jumbo Flyers add nearly 2 times the space for yarn over the already great size regular bobbin, so if you are plying or just spinning singles, you can put more on a Jumbo bobbin. The orifice on the Jumbo Flyer is .7 inches, so you can spin thick yarn or do heavy plys. The ratios are great for low or medium speeds. For some, this will be the flyer for general purpose spinning. Each Jumbo Kit comes includes one jumbo bobbin.

The Faster Flyers extend the high end ratios of your single drive Sonata, Prelude, or Interlude Wheels. These high-end speeds, coupled with the joy of spinning on a Sonata, Prelude and Interlude, give you the feeling of a production wheel. Use the regular bobbins with the Faster Flyer. The double drive wheels, Polonaise, Symphony, and Minstrel, have speed pulleys that extend their ratio capability and do not need a faster flyer. 

Ratios with extra flyers:

  • Jumbo Kit on the Polonaise – ratios of 5 and 7.2:1
  • Jumbo Kit on the Symphony – ratios of 5 and 7.2:1
  • Jumbo Kit on the Minstrel – ratios are 4 and 5.3:1 
  • Jumbo Kit on the Sonata – ratios of 5, 7.5, and 10 to 1.
  • Jumbo Kit on the Prelude – ratios of 5.5, 7, and 9 to 1.
  • Jumbo Kit on the Interlude – ratios of 5.5, 8.3, and 11 to 1.
  • Jumbo Ring Orifice Kit for Fantasia - ratios are the same, hooks and orifice are larger.
  • Faster Flyer on the Sonata – ratios of 12, 16 and 18 to 1. 
  • Faster Flyer on the Prelude – ratios of 11, 14.5 and 16.5 to 1.
  • Faster Flyer on the Interlude – ratios of 13.3, 17.5 and 20 to 1.

More about Flyers: 

NOTE: if you already own a Minstrel and want to add a Jumbo Kit, you must first determine the manner in which your front maiden post has been installed on your wheel. When ordering your Minstrel Jumbo Kit you will need to inform your dealer of the “style” of your front maiden. The old styles will look like the first two pictures on the left below; the new style will look like the third picture.

If you have one of the older two styles (the first two images) you will need to do some simple woodworking to facilitate the jumbo option. Watch our video to see how to do this. Should take about 5 minutes to do.

Fantasia Jumbo Ring & Orifice Hook Kit:

Kromski has added an option for the Fantasia that lets you spin and ply jumbo size yarn without the added expense of a jumbo flyer/bobbin.

The orifice ring easily attaches to the regular orifice, and the jumbo hooks are used in lieu of the original sliding hooks and fixed hooks at the back of the flyer (just remove the fixed hook; the new hooks will be used for all of your spinning).

Remember, your regular Kromski bobbins are as much as 50% larger than those from other manufacturers so you can spin/ply more yarn.

Instructional video on the Fantasia Jumbo Ring Kit below: