Kromski Spinning Wheel Oil

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Kromski Spinning Wheel Oil comes in a plastic container with 3" metal needle tip for precise application in tight areas. Any spinning wheel oil may be used for any brand of spinning wheel. If you're spinning yarn often or live in a dry climate, spinning wheel manufacturers recommend oiling all moving parts of your wheel sparingly every 30 minutes of use for optimal response of the wheel's tensioning systems.

  • For quiet effortless spinning
  • Transparent 15ml - ½ oz squeeze bottle
  • Convenient 3" blunt needle applicator for hard to reach bobbin, flyer and wheel bearings
  • The aluminum cap has a neoprene seal and air tight sealing scabbard
  • The bottle contains non-staining, high grade, aromatic-free, golden mineral spinning oil classified as non-hazardous
  • The bottles are sealed in a zip lock top bag for added security against messes
  • Available at Mondaes by the single bottle for $9.98 or a Box of 6 Bottles for $55.00
  • Comes with a Kromski wheel tune up wrench for tightening wheel bolts