Kromski Niddy Noddy Winding Tool

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You can’t spin without a Niddy Noddy that creates hanks of yarn right off the bobbin on your wheel or kate! You'll need to take the yarn from the bobbin into a measured hank, determined by the size of your Niddy Noddy, in order to set the twist of your yarn before use.

Kromski makes three sizes for three different size hanks: 30″, 48″ and 72″. Our favorite is size "Large" or the 72" Niddy Noddy.

The Niddy Noddy is available unfinished, clear, walnut and mahogany stain finish.

One end of the Kromski Niddy Noddy is sloped to allow easy removal of your hank when you're done winding.

Watch Tim Horshler of Kromski talk about Kromski Niddy Noddys!