Kromski Bobbins: Standard, Jumbo & NEW Minstrel Great Bobbins

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If you have ordered the Jumbo Flyer kit with your wheel, or are ordering the kit to add on to the wheel, you may also want to add one additional Jumbo Bobbin to your cart.

The Kromski regular bobbins allow you to store about 50% more yarn than bobbins from other manufacturers, and all the Kromski spinning wheel models use the same bobbin size. Jumbo bobbins interchange as well. 

Available In: 

  • Standard Size (50% larger than most manufacturer's Bobbins) 
  • Jumbo or Plying Size
  • NEW: Kromski Minstrel GREAT JUMBO FLYER SET extra Bobbins
  • Unfinished, Clear, Mahogany, or Walnut finish

NEW Minstrel Great Bobbins hold up to 24.8 ounces of fiber!

Kromski Minstrel GREAT Jumbo Bobbins ON SALE NOW at Mondaes Makerspace & Supply!