Louet Bobbin Bearings
Louet Bobbin Bearings

Louet Bobbin Bearings

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Louet Bobbin Bearings: The small black circular fitting that creates the smaller hole for the flyer shaft through the middle of the Louet Bobbin. Bearings are sized for either the Julia & Victoria wheels, or all other Louet Wheels.
Bobbins with missing bearings are very common in Idaho's dry climate, or with Louet wheels that have been transported between climates. If your bobbin is jumping around on the flyer and you have a 3/4" open hole at the end of the bobbin, you're missing a bearing!
  • 8mm Bearing for Julia & Victoria Wheels: Part #17.1096
  • 6mm Bearing for all other Louet Wheels:  Part#17.1095
  • Each bearing sold one per package.