Natural Dyes
Natural Dyes

Natural Dyes

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This naturally occurring vat dye is the only source of blue in the entire plant kingdom. It has been used by cultures all over the world for millennia and is still used today for coloring blue jeans. Indigo has a fascinating history, and it is equally fascinating to use. Its unique properties make it especially well-suited for creating resist patterns on fabric. The dye produces a wide range of blues, from a pale sky blue to the darkest navy. Jacquard’s indigo is a synthetic organic and comes pre-reduced 60% for unprecedented ease of use. Dyeing with indigo is a fast and easy process, often described as “magical.”
Fabric/Fiber/Surfaces: any natural fiber, including wood and paper

Cochineal is among the most beautiful, versatile, and ancient natural dyes on the planet. It has excellent light and washfastness properties and produces a powerful range of reds, scarlets, violets, fuchsias and purples. Permanent on all natural fibers, cochineal is generally used with a mordant such as alum. The color (carminic acid) comes from the bodies of female insects of the species Dactylopius Coccus. These parasitic insects are farmed on the prickly pear (nopal) cactus, which is native to Mexico, Central and South America.
Jacquard’s Cochineal comes directly from a small, family owned and operated, organic farm co-op in Lima, Peru.
Fabric/Fiber/Surfaces: all natural fibers including: cotton, linen, silk, canvas, hemp, wool, wood and more!