North Star Standard Clay Extruder and Die Sets
North Star Standard Clay Extruder and Die Sets

North Star Standard Clay Extruder and Die Sets

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North Star extruders are designed to be simple, safe, incredibly durable, and inexpensive.  Both Standard models feature a 4 inch square steel barrel tapered at the top for easy loading.  Each comes with a long extension handle to give extra leverage for small extrusions or stiff clay.
These extruders handle length and barrel size are matched to give plenty of leverage without ratcheting.  There are no dangerous shackles, fewer pinch points, no clumsy multi-jointed handle to come loose, and no post or ratchet parts to wear out.  
The handle is anchored at one fixed pivot point, completely eliminating the danger of a heavy steel bar slipping or suddenly offering no resistance.  Clay is loaded with the handle in the down position, again eliminating danger from a heavy, hard-to-control handle.

North Star Extruders hold about 8 lbs of clay - more than most extruders for longer extruded lengths.

North Star Extruders: 
  • The Simplest, Safest Extruders
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Extension Handle For Extra Leverage
  • Stainless Steel No-Rust Construction
  • Stainless Steel 4"  Extruder: Includes Stainless Steel Barrel
    w/Basic Die Set #915
  • Stainless Steel 4" Extruder & Die Set Package:  Stainless Steel Barrel
    w/Basic Die Set #915 & Accessory Die Set
  • Stainless Steel Expanded Extruder Box: The expansion box, die retainer ring and mounting bolts, hex wrench, three piece spacer board and hardware.
  • Stainless Steel Expanded Extruder Package: Includes Basic Die Set #915 & Expansion Box Package w/ Medium Basic Die Set #991
  • Ultimate Stainless Steel 4" Extruder Package: Stainless Steel BarrelW/ DIE SETS - 915, 925, 925DS1, 925DS2, 925DS3, 925GS, 926A, 926B, 926C