Orton VentMaster Kiln Vent System
Orton VentMaster Kiln Vent System
Orton VentMaster Kiln Vent System

Orton VentMaster Kiln Vent System

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During operation, the VentMaster system keeps the kiln under a slight negative pressure. This pulls the fumes out of the kiln and pulls in a small amount of fresh air.
Firing times are essentially the same.
The fumes are exhausted directly into a duct system and removed from the kiln room. Improved airflow in the kiln results in more uniform temperatures, reducing hot and cold spots. A must for educational settings where the kiln room is in proximity to or shared by students.

Purchase a VentMaster:
  • If you plan to fire toxic glaze materials within an enclosed room, and/or plan to work in that room while firing
  • If your kiln room has inadequate ventilation to cool the room - the vent system will siphon off kiln heat and keep the room's temp more comfortable
  • If you are installing the kiln in any educational setting indoors (classroom, public studio) with no window near the kiln to open if needed.
  • Note: We know many potters who work in a garage or open-bay studio who do not choose to purchase a vent system. Mondaes is not required commercially to utilize a vent system in our public classroom, and our kiln does not overheat the room. Please use common sense and consideration for your specific policies, educational settings, and personal safety.
  • Purchase the VentMaster Extension kit in addition to the VentMaster in order to run two kilns on a singular VentMaster System.

The VentMaster Expansion Kit allows two electric kilns to run off the same vent, saving costs over purchasing another VentMaster system for duplicate kilns. 

VentMaster Specs: 

  • 208-240 Volt, 50/60 Hz., .5 amp, choose from pull-down tab
  • Motor 73 CFM1 Weight 10 lbs. (4.5 kgs)
  • Hose 3-foot High Temperature Hose

Ventmaster Includes: 

  • Motor and Housing
  • 4 ft. length of 2 diameter high temperature hose
  • Cast aluminum collection cup with spring loaded and threaded pedestal gasket
  • Instruction Manual & Kiln Safety Manual
  • ¼ drill bit for use in assembly
  • Vent cap