"Circle of Flowers" Brazilian Embroidery Kit by EdMar

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The 15 series offers delicately articulated rings. Embroiderers of all levels will delight in these classic designs. Featured flowers include; Knotted Lazy Daisy, Cast-on Flower, Rolled Rose, Geron Daisy, Peach Blossom, and Creeping Flower. 

Brazilian embroidery is a type of highly textured surface embroidery that uses rayon thread instead of cotton or wool, first popularized in Brazil. Patterns usually include flowers formed using both knotted and cast on stitches. Although many of these stitches are used in other forms of embroidery, the technique used to create them is slightly different, and the result is a 3-dimensional work of art!

Want to learn Brazilian embroidery? Join the intro class with Maria Cortez, several dates offered throughout the year.

  • Available as a print on fabric only, or complete kit with fabric and thread
  • Fabric: 10"x10", Design: 4" diameter
  • Kit contains all colors of rayon thread needed and fabric.