Red German Angora Handspun Yarn, 100%

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 Advocates for animal health, wool quality, and sustainable farming, the International German Angora Rabbit Breeders Association is home to handspinners using traditional spinning wheels, who produce this gorgeous yarn.

This two ply lofty yarn is a knitter, crocheter, weaver, and even needleworkers dream gift. A one of a kind yarn, from a limited run produced in the USA.

The "red" color, is a rare recessive genetic coat color in the German Angora breed, and the fibers are best hand-spun to retain their light peach color, and warn orange halo.

  • 100% German Angora Rabbit Wool
  • 90 yards per 2 oz hank
  • US 7-9, Knits a lofty worsted weight
  • Hand wash, dry flat, not chemically treated
  • Grown sustainably and humanely in the US, German Angoras are sheared every 90 days which is reqwuired for their health, well-being, and wool production.