Reeds or Heddles For Kromski Harp Looms

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Have a Kromski Harp Loom and need a reed with smaller or larger spaces for your warp yarns? You've found them!

You can also purchase an extra set of Heddle Blocks and add a heddle in order to add pattern options to your woven projects. When planning a double-weave project, both reeds you purchase should be the same dent, or number. 

Larger numbered reeds allow for heavier warp, which makes for soft even-weave projects that work up quickly in worsted weight yarns. Smaller numbered reeds accommodate fine yarns.

The number on the heddle refers to how many "ends" , or warp threads, can be threaded through the holes and spaces of the heddle within the space of one inch.  

  • Hardwood and sturdy plastic
  • Made in Poland by Kromski & Sons