Reindeer Ornament

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The Reindeer Ornament can be painted so many ways, it flies off the shelf! 

Use no-fire acrylics by Art Advantage Acrylics to create a no-fire final product, or Mayco Wonderglazes before your final Mayco Clear-One glaze firing.

Reindeer Ornaments Are: 

  • Fired once to bisque stage, ready to paint or glaze & re-fire
  • 4" L" x 5.5" W, hook not included
  • Ready to paint with Mayco Underglaze, clear coat and fire, or with Art Advantage Acrylics and Krylon Archival Sealer!
  • Available for purchase as a ceramic blank for in-studio use which includes glaze and firing, or as a blank for out-studio painting.