Replacement Footman for Kromski Wheels

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Have a Kromski Wheel with a broken wooden footman? We have you covered! Order yours here and specify which wheel, color, and identify which footman is broken if you have a double treadle by clicking an option in the pull-down tab.

The prices listed are for a single footman with no footman-to-treadle-connector. Connectors are available, and are specific to your wheel. 

Feel free to leave additional comments or questions at check-out, or contact us if you need help with your wheel for any reason.. we build and tune them up every day!

  • The large-hole footman is the one farthest away from you as you sit spinning. It is also the footman that takes/comes with a brass bearing, and is driven by the left treadle.
  • The small-hole footman is the one closest to you as you spin and does not take a bearing. It is connected to and drives the right treadle.
  • Hardwood footman are made specifically for your wheel
  • Made in Poland by Kromski & Sons