Samplers You Can Use by Penelope Drooker

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The learning value of making a woven sampler, the excitement of creating a well-designed functional piece - Samplers You Can use gives you both at once. All the variables that weavers explore through samplers - threading and treadling variations, sett, yarn sizes and types, and more - can be incorporated into clothing, linens and many other items. The author's aim has been to design pieces which from a distance have a unified, handsome all-over design, but which from up close can be seen to be composed of many diverse sections which become a permanent reference for planning future projects. In this book, the author shares her approach to planning and designing many types of samplers, and includes a dozen actual sampler projects with complete instructions.

  • Published in 1984 (Collectible)
  • Soft cover, spiral bound 
  • Used, in very good condition