Schacht Whorls for All Wheels

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**Some Schacht products take up to 8 weeks to ship. For exact ETA's if in a hurry, email

Schacht Wheels offer a wide spectrum of whorls to aid the handspinner in achieving the best spinning speed for the task at hand. A high speed bobbin is required for high speed and super high speed whorls when spinning in double drive. (High speed bobbins are not required for Scotch tension mode.)
What Whorl to choose? 
It depends... on your treadling rate, the fiber you're spinning, and the type of yarn you want. There are no hard and fast rules about whorls. What is important is that you choose a whorl that helps your wheel do as much of the work for you as possible. Your new Schacht wheel will come with whorls that are appropriate for the wheel's basic function, providing you with a lot of options without adding new whorls right away. 
The whorls on this page fit the Schacht Matchless, Sidekick, or Ladybug. Please see our Schacht Reeves Whorls page for Reeves. 
Whorl Function Overview: 
  • The bigger the whorl, the coarser the fiber, the thicker the yarn. Big whorls add less twist, making it possible to spin a larger gauge yarn without over twisting. 
  • The smaller the whorl, the finer the fiber, the smaller the yarn. Small whorls add the twist needed for creating finer yarns, or when working with shorter fibers. 
  • *The Extra Slow Speed Whorl is not recommended for Ladybug and Sidekick Wheels.