Screen Printing Kit: Semi-Transparent Colors, by Jacquard

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Professional quality screen kit for paper, fabric, vinyl, plastic, leather, and more! Quality inks have a long open time in screen and are easy to work with. Great for small production runs. Water soluble inks make clean-up easy. Durable inks hold up to washing and dry cleaning on natural and synthetic fabrics. Make your own art prints, cards, wearable art... the possibilities are limitless!

Kit Includes:

  • Pre-stretched silk screen with lacquered wood frame (10" x 14")
  • 9" Wood-Handled Squeegee
  • 4oz Photo Emulsion
  • 1/3oz gram diazo sensitizer
  • 4oz Jar Black Semi-Transparent Screen Ink
  • 4oz Jar Yellow Semi-Transparent Screen Ink
  • 4oz Jar Blue Semi-Transparent Screen Ink
  • 4oz Jar Red Semi-Transparent Screen Ink
  • 3 acetate sheets (to prepare image for printing)
  • Stir stick
  • Instruction Booklet