Shiki-Shi Hosho Paper Pad by Yasutomo

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Japanese Rice Papers are made with the extraordinarily long fibers from the Kozo (mulberry) bush, making these art papers very strong, which allows them to hold up to a variety of art processes.

Strong and absorbent, Kozo paper that stands up to many art techniques, including: monument rubbing, stenciling, dyeing, framing, bookbinding, Sumi e-drawing, painting, brush calligraphy, collage, paper mache and marbling. Rice paper stays strong while wet and is also both translucent and breathable, making it a perfect pick to cover lampshades or room screens.

Shiki-Shi Hosho Paper Pad is: 

  • 9.5" x 10.75"
  • 12 sheets
  • Trimmed on all sides to look like traditional Shikishi boards.
  • Highly refined Kozo rice paper that is known for its thickness and fluffiness
  • Preferred by printmakers for its absorbency, strength and versatility
  • Chosen by painters for ink, watercolor and lettering