Shimpo Aspire Wheel

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SHIMPO's Aspire tabletop potter's wheel can handle your most creative challenges.

Its lightweight, compact design makes it easily portable; and yet its 20-lb centering capacity makes it a permanent addition to any studio or classroom.

Your "Aspirations" are its only limit! at only 25 pounds, it is light enough to ship by UPS but it's not a toy! 

The Aspire Is: 

  • Our go-to for kid potters out of every brand on the market. Won't slow down when they apply pressure like junk wheels sold for kids on Amazon
  • The best choice for a table top wheel with a robust motor, when table top throwing is recommended due to physical limitations
  • Very compact, can be added to any art classroom for youth to experience pottery and advance in centering and throwing 
  • So portable it can easily be carried outside of an apartment, taken on a trip, or used for public demos - wherever you can find a 110 outlet, you can throw pottery!