Smooth Macrame Hanging Planter

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Hanging macrame planters are functional, trendy, and totally boho chic! This beautifully textured ceramic planter comes complete with a macrame hanger, and together they create a great way to show off your succulents or air plants. Decorate your planter with specialty glazes to show off its raised texture!

Use Mayco Wonderglazes before your final Mayco Clear One glaze firing for a microwave, dishwasher, and oven-safe finish.

Smooth Macrame Planter : 

  • Fired once to bisque stage, ready to paint or glaze & re-fire
  • Includes macrame yarn hanger
  • 5" Dia x 3 ⅞" H
  • Ready to paint with Mayco Underglaze, clear coat and fire.
  • Available for purchase as a ceramic blank for in-studio use which includes glaze and firing, or as a blank for out-studio painting.