Sumi-E: The Art of Japanese Brush Painting

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 The unique oriental art form called "Sumi-e" literally means ink painting or painting done in charcoal ink. Because Sumi-e requires only simple materials such as black ink, water and white paper, it has become very popular among artists all over the world.

This updated version of the Niji Sumi-e instruction book is very helpful for artists, especially beginners, who want to explore the world of Asian art. Topics covered in the book includes: materials, techniques, line drawing, ink gradation, drawing without lines, and specific content such as rocks, landscapes, trees and bamboo.

Tap into the aesthetic theories used by Sumi-e masters and master your own work as you learn the basic Sumi-e strokes as well as the philosophy behind this form of Japanese Brush Painting. 

Sumi-E: The Art of Japanese Brush Painting is:

  • Paperback
  • 24 pages