The Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing Book by Rachel Brown

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This book explains everything the intermediate, expert, or absolute beginner needs to know, and it provides complete instructions for more than 50 weaving projects. The step-by-step directions are crystal clear and thoroughly illustrated - with more than 400 drawings showing everything that must be seen to be understood. The use of virtually every kind of loom, from inexpensive primitive looms to more conventional looms, is explained.

The contents include: details about weaving on many different kinds of looms; all about weaving methods, equipment and tools; everything you need to know about choosing yarn; finishing techniques (including fringes, tassels, feathers, ropes, and more); a master plan for designing, planning and executing weaving projects; everything about spinning - from picking fleece and cleaning wool to teasing, flicking, types of hand spindles, all about different wheels and choosing equipment, yarn design and function; all about dyeing; details on design and color AND more than 50 weaving projects with complete instructions, from simple to complex!

 Published in 1978

  • Hardcover
  • Used, in Acceptable Condition (dust cover is tearing, cover and pages are yellowing due to age but all content pages are intact, clean, and unmarked)