Odorless & Natural Turpenoid Turpentine
Odorless & Natural Turpenoid Turpentine

Odorless & Natural Turpenoid Turpentine

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Odorless Turpenoid - An odorless substitute for traditional turpentine that retains the same painting properties and drying time as the original. Odorless Turpenoid works well for thinning oil or alkyd colors, creating mediums and cleaning brushes, and is perfect for artists working in small (but well-ventilated) spaces or for those who are allergic to or are affected by the strong odor of conventional turpentines and solvents.

  • Odorless formula should not aggravate allergies
  • Excellent paint thinner and brush cleaner
  • Flammable; store carefully

Turpenoid Natural - A certified AP non-toxic and environmentally friendly brush cleaner and conditioner, Turpenoid Natural is made from citrus essences and other natural products. It is not flammable, does not emit harmful vapors, and will not irritate skin or eyes, making it an excellent oil paint thinner for artists seeking safer painting alternatives for themselves or their children. Turpenoid Natural can also work well as an oil or alkyd medium, though it should not be used for washes, glazes, or to "wet" a canvas prior to painting.

  • Natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Safe for artists of all ages
  • Excellent brush cleaner and conditioner