Wild Fibers Magazine, Winter 2014-2015

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  • About this issue:

    The streets of Lucca, Italy hold countless treasures, including a woman who is reviving the city's ancient sericulture heritage. Meanwhile tucked  away in the backroads of upstate New York, the Crossman's are raising one of the premiere flocks of Cotswold Sheep.  Plus,  exploring all the ways clothing manufacturer Patagonia is keeping it green.



    Silk, Hemp, Cotswold Sheep, Great Pyrenees Dogs, Silkworms, Black-Footed Ferret, Cormo Sheep, German Angora Rabbits, North American Cashmere Goat, Recycled Down, Cotton, Reclaimed Wool, Turtles


    Whitehall, New York;  Pangong, India;  Convalle, Italy;  Lucca, Italy