Screen Filler & Block Out by Jacquard

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For Use With All Water-based Screen Printing Inks. Formulated for safe and easy use with Jacquard’s Screen Drawing Fluid, or for independent use to block out portions of a silk screen. Perfect for fixing pinholes, negative space printing or creating stencils directly in a silk screen. 

Sizes Available:
  • 8 fl oz
  • 16 fl oz
  • 1 qt
  • 1 gal

Screen Filler and Block Out Demo

For independent use as Screen Block Out: Jacquard’s Screen Block Out is used to block out portions of a silk screen. It is perfect for fixing pinholes, for negative space printing, or for creating stencils directly in a silk screen. Elevate screen in a horizontal position as described above. Paint the Screen Block Out onto the screen in the areas you want blocked out. Allow the Screen Block Out to completely dry before printing. 

For use with Jacquard’s Screen Drawing Fluid: Elevate screen in a horizontal position so silk screen fabric is lifted above tabletop. Screen should be fabric-side down. Apply Screen Drawing Fluid onto screen in the areas you want to print. After the Drawing Fluid is dry, use squeegee to coat entire screen with a thin, even layer of Screen Filler. After Screen Filler is dry, spray cold water on both sides of the screen. The Screen Drawing Fluid will wash out and the Screen Filler will remain. Allow screen to dry before printing.

Reclaiming the screen/Removing Jacquard’s Screen Filler & Block Out: To remove the Screen Filler & Block Out, cover both sides of screen with paper towels and wet with diluted bleach. Always exercise caution when working with bleach. Allow to sit, while wet, for up to 20 minutes. Then spray both sides of the screen with cold water. Screen Filler & Block Out will soften and wash out. Note: If Screen Filler & Block Out is left on screen for more than five days, it will become increasingly difficult to remove. Repeat reclaiming process several times for best results. Always use common sense and good housekeeping when using Jacquard’s products.