SolarFast Wash

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When working with SolarFast Dyes our Wash removes undeveloped dye from prints and reduces the risk of backstaining during washing. This is especially important for preserving white areas and highlights when making photographic prints on fabric or paper.

Sizes Available:

  • 4 fl oz
  • 8 fl oz

For machine washing, use 3-4 capfuls (24 ml) per load. Set washer to hot for best results. For front loading machines with a pre-wash flush, add SolarFast Wash between and the flush and wash cycles. For hand washing fabric or paper, submerge in hottest water possible, add 1-2 capfuls (10 ml) SolarFast Wash, agitate constantly and keep water flowing 10 minutes.  

For more information, check out our SolarFast PDFs.